Programming Initiatives

Sheyda Aboii, MS2, speaks to her fellow medical students, including, background left to right, Arun Burra, Andrés Calvillo and Avery Thompson and the community, at a White Coats for Black Lives (WC4BL) Teach-in, which set out to “model an explicitly anti-racist healthcare education that elevates queer, disabled, formerly criminalized, and undocumented people of color in the communities and hospitals within which we work,” on the 4th anniversary of WC4BL, at a peaceful rally in the Dental School Mezzanine, at the Parnassus campus.

The Office of Disability Access and Inclusion serves as a resource hub for increasing knowledge and changing attitudes and healthcare practices as it relates to people with disabilities. We are committed to building a climate that is welcoming and fosters a sense of belonging and disability pride. Our office provides a variety of programming initiatives for UCSF learners, staff, and faculty.