Disability Resource Center

Two people sitting on a couch holding coffee cups and smiling. A lightweight electric mobility scooter is parked off to the side. Image courtesy of Disabled and Here.


The UCSF Office of Diversity and Outreach Disability Resource Center (DRC) is a dedicated space for disabled students, staff, faculty, and their allies to build community and explore disability identity and culture. The DRC provides a range of programs and events that promote an intersectional perspective on disability and health equity.

The DRC is a leader amongst medical universities in the U.S. to provide a cultural center dedicated to expanding disability identity and cultural services. People with disabilities make up more than 26 percent of American adults, making this group one of the country's largest underrepresented populations, according to a 2015 report from the Pew Research Center.

Like other underrepresented student groups, students with disabilities deserve identity-based support services that welcome disability culture and pride (…) and encourage building community with peers.

Wendy Tobias Ed.D.

UCSF Chief Accessibility and Inclusion Officer, Promoting Disability Identity and Cultural Services in the California State University System, 2022

In response to this need, the Disability Resource Center provides educational and cultural activities that affirm and celebrate disability identity and promote community-building. We actively collaborate with other identity-based cultural centers at UCSF to develop intersectional programming.


Alice Wong, former UCSF staff research associate in Social and Behavioral Sciences and a disabilities advocate, has her hand on the controls for her motorized wheelchair.

The UCSF Disability Resource Center is in an accessible space on the Parnassus Milberry Union campus, MU-102 West. UCSF learners, staff, and faculty are to welcome schedule an appointment with one of our staff members. Our programming is both in-person and virtual.


Disability Resource Center
500 Parnassus Avenue, Milberry Union, Room 102 West
San Francisco, CA, 94143
Phone: 415-806-7391
Location and directions to Parnassus Campus